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Amperer Brass Feng Shui Money Frog
  • Amperer Brass Feng Shui Money Frog

    The fat Brass Money frog or Fortune Toad sits upon a gold ingot, with a string of copper coins, representing wealth and dignity and serving as an auspicious sign of luck, treasure, wealth and abundance. NOTE: Only Mallstar sells these products authentically. We haven't authorized other sellers to sell our products and we are not responsible for products sold by others.

    This Money frog (Three-Leg Toad) has an inborn propensity and a sharp perception for gold and wealth. It‘s good at digging wealth and known as a “treasure-attracting” animal. You can often see it near cash registers, receptions, managers' desk, computer and office.

    It's an auspicious symbol. It not only serves for a decorative purpose, but also can avoid misfortune and attract wealth. It can be placed in a particular place. With its head toward the door, it can absorb wealth for you, and with money on its rump, it will increase your wealth.

    Prosperity protection set of five brass lucky charm ancient coins on red string, tied to resemble a lotus flower. The five coins are joined with the auspicious red lucky knot of never ending good fortune, also known as the mystic knot.

    Made of TRUE Brass, unlike others made of Zync Alloy. Size: 5.5”(L)x5"(W) x 4"(H). The Money Toad is charming and vividly engraved, representing good luck in career, business and wealth, a great choice as a gift for friends or for your own use.