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Feng Shui Statues Pi Yao
  • Feng Shui Statues Pi Yao

    • Colorful,very beautiful. Material: colored glaze/colored glass/Liu Li ( old lost -wax technique).Light from different angles will bring a color gradient.
    • The mascot from china, which can always bring the fortunate, wealth to you. The Pixiu is also known as the Tianlu (Heavenly Salary) and Bixie (Wards off Evil). It is a magical beast in ancient Chinese mythology with a dragon’s head, a horse’s body, a qilin’s feet, and the overall shape of a lion. Its fur is greyish-white, and it can fly. The Pixiu is fierce and a good fighter, and likes sucking the blood or essence of demons and converting it into wealth.Pi Xiu will also bless you come in and go
    • Great Housewarming Congratulatory gift and decorative Feng Shui statue
    • Exquisite gift box packaging.Size: 3.94"(L) x 1.97"(W) x3.15"(H).