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Seven Star Array Feng Shui Decor

Seven Star Array Feng Shui Decor

  • In ancient China,golden ingot was the most valuable currency and usually made of gold or silver. It is always a symbol of wealth and an auspicious article for household peace
  • Known as stone of wealth, yellow crystal ingot is an obvious symbol of wealth, and its mild yellow color makes people feel confident and joyful. With a decoration made of yellow crystal, a businessman may obtain unexpected wealth
  • The main gastrointestinal function of the yellow crystal is also the guardian stone of Gemini, which has the function of relieving tension and helping the gastrointestinal system
  • Place crystal golden ingot on the largest window of the whole house or on the windowsill or in the corner opposite the door of house,can create unexpected wealth
  • Material: Crystal, Color: golden yellow, Size: base tray 12cm / large ingot 5cm / small ingot 3.5cm