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Buy house feng shui service

Buy residential ,office ,warehouse ,retail and etc

  • 1 小
  • Start $500
  • Castleton Street


If the feng shui of the house is not good, especially the house with several feng shui evil spirits, it will make people unhappy, and the people living in it will become poorer But the house with good feng shui is different. The house with good feng shui can make people richer and richer. The house is more and more important to the family now, and having one's own house is called home. However, there are also many things to pay attention to when buying a house. Choosing a place with a bad location is not conducive to family harmony in Feng Shui. Therefore, you must pay attention when buying a house. Client's Review: I wanted to have a Feng Shui consultation before we move to our new place. Found Roger here in Yelp and I am so glad I did! Family and friends who visit my place almost all of them would say, "your home feels light and bright!" Also, Roger answers my questions even after consultation. That is an amazing and brilliant customer service. Lucky to have found our feng shui master. Dianne B. I needed an consultant to help me analyze a house I would like to purchase as primary residence, Roger was really efficient and got back to me with the report the next day. He was patient with answering my questions. I look forward to seeking his advice about house decoration arrangement if I can close the deal. Zhang Y. Our family bought a new home and we want to make sure that this home will be very lucky for us in terms of wealth, health, and family relationship. Though I believed in Feng shul before, I was skeptical to contact a feng shui consultant since I heard from some friends that some feng shui master was not really good at all. As I was browsing thru the internet, I came across FD Feng Shui Consultant. and the reviews are 5 stars and of course most of us always relied on the reviews. So without any hesitations, I contacted FD Feng Shui (Mr. Roger) and I made an appointment for a home consultation. He studied the whole setup of our house and even asked for every member of the family's date of birth. He suggested some cures for the corners and areas that are not good at all and I followed and bought things from him and before he shipped them out to me he blesses all the items before I place them on the corners that needed them. and every time I asked him questions about something, He is very quick to respond. I has been more than a month since my consultations with Mr. Roger, and I could say that all the cures he did for our new home. Alicia J.


  • 17870 Castleton Street, City of Industry, CA, USA


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