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Wen Mo Tian Ji Fortune Telling


Destiny Reading

Fortune-telling,Ziwei Dou Number Fortune Telling

  • 45 分鐘
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online


For the calculation of fate, there are generally several fundamental purposes: 1. Understand your own life trajectory, adopt different coping strategies for different development trends of fortune, and take advantage of the situation and firmly grasp the time when you are lucky. , forge ahead with all your strength, and when you are unlucky, you have to hide your strengths and bide your time, recharge your energy, know how to follow the trend, and don’t run into trouble. 2. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses, change yourself consciously, and gradually change your destiny by changing your own words and deeds and making up for your shortcomings. 3. When you are confused, confused and at a loss, or are faced with an important decision, you can choose a path that is most beneficial to your life by understanding your destiny, fleeting years, and fortune. 4. Problems such as career, marriage and family, and children's education that are often encountered in life, and it is difficult for me to make up my mind, or my ability in this area is relatively weak, then I can get pointers and suggestions through the analysis of the eight characters, and choose the right one for myself. optimal solution. 5. When encountering some problems or disasters that are difficult to solve with one's own resources, use numerology predictions and some methods to resolve and decipher them to get out of the predicament or improve the status quo. Therefore, when you plan to "fortune-telling", you must be clear about your needs and what problems you want to solve. Since it is known that fate has already been arranged, although fate cannot be changed, how should we face it? Let it be at the mercy of it, or fight it to the end. Knowing fate can be used as a reference for prevention. The way to success is to go through acquired efforts, make up for innate deficiencies, and exert one’s potential. It can indeed make luck better. Good luck can bring opportunities, then you can be in career, investment, marriage. By boldly moving forward and knowing what to pay attention to when, you can avoid unnecessary failures. Client's review: 10/15/19 I had a destiny analysis with Roger and am pleased with his reading! He gave me insight on my work, life, health, and family. Thank you! Christine H. Payment: Please Zelle or Venmo to



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