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Pi Xiu for enhance your luck and career
  • Pi Xiu for enhance your luck and career

    Pixiu is a kind of beast in Chinese legend. Chinese feng shui scholars believe that Pixiu is the beast of Jirui that turns disaster into auspiciousness. In Chinese tradition, there is a custom of decorating "Pixiu". Pixiu is rich in meaning and people believe that it can bring joy and good luck. From ancient times to the present, the emperors and the people have paid great attention to the collection and wearing of the brave. It is said that in addition to the effects of good luck and evil spirits, the brave also has the function of town house, turning Tai Sui, and promoting marriage.
    貔貅為中國傳說的一種瑞獸。 中國的風水學者認為貔貅是轉禍為祥的吉瑞之獸。 中國傳統有裝飾「貔貅」的習俗,貔貅寓意豐富,人們相信它能帶來歡樂及好運。 從古至今,上至帝王、下至百姓都極度注重收藏和佩戴貔貅,傳說貔貅除了開運、辟邪的功效之外,還有鎮宅、化太歲、促姻緣等作用。